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What is BatteryRefill?

BatteryRefill.com will refill (re-cell) your worn-out battery at a much lower price than buying a new one. All you have to do is send your old battery with a Prepaid-Postage-Label that we email you after you have placed your order. We will then mail the refilled battery back that will run 20-40% longer than the original manufacturer's battery pack. Guaranteed or your money back!
Your refilled battery will last longer than a new one at a fraction of the cost!     Toll Free : 909-268-8741    

We have been providing our professional Li-ion laptop battery refill service worldwide for over 5 years and have performed over 40,000 orders with an over 98.5% success rate. We recently performed our refill services for Fox Channel 6 San Diego News Team. Their engineering team found us online and shipped us 12 IDX Endura Li-ion batteries. We investigated the control circuits and successfully performed the refill service on all 12 batteries. They are very happy with the results. We found that there is a good potential market for professional broadcast industry. So, we are now offering this refill service for broadcast professional camcorder batteries.

We found that these professional camcorder batteries are very pricy. These batteries become useless after depleting their own useful chemical life. We can re-use casing and all the electronics inside the battery pack and refill them with factory brand new, higher capacity cells. We replace the necessary components on the control circuit or reset the controller on the board if necessary to make them perform brand new.

The problem with rechargeable battery pack industry is shelf life. Li-ion, Ni-Mh, and Li-Ion battery cells have maximum around 3 year chemical/shelf life. This means that they loose capacity through time regardless if they are used or not. How long do you think the battery that you are thinking of buying from a retailer orsuppler has been sitting on their shelf or stuck in a manufacture's warehouse? You will pay full price of brand new battery but might be getting less than the remaining 80% battery capacity.

We use factory brand new cells all the time, so there is no waist of shelf life or chemical life. We also have a 30 days full money back guarantee including shipping and an 1 year warranty service on all of our refilled batteries. Don't trash your pricy camcorder batteries; send them to us for a refill. We can save you a lot of money and we will give you maximum battery life.

Gary Stigall, Director of Engineering from Fox 6 in San Diego:

ďSince we switched to eBattery services, our cameras run smoother, with noticeably less group delay, and my breath smells daisy fresh.?

Honestly, Iím happy to have saved $10,000 with our last batch of batteries and our photo journalists were just happy to get batteries that were good as new.

I donít have the exact timing since the cameras are off and on all day with loads that vary with lighting and idle time.

Christopher Maue, Photojournalist from Fox 6 in San Diego Raves:

"They're the #1 blockbuster, budget saver product of 2007!

"I really like the new cells that replaced my deteriorating dropouts.   I no longer have to drive 20 miles back to our news station while apologizing to our reporter that itís the batteryís fault and not mine.

Now I donít need 4 lousy batteries to GIT-R-DUN.   One topped off hot & fresh battery gets me thru the day!

<Budweiser Jingle: "Real men of genious..."> We salute you Mr. battery replacement vendor guy! "I love my new Cellys!"

The hottest new battery cell replacement company is sweeping the industry with its fast, cost effective, renewal system!

Thats my .02, Maue

FLB-200, FLB-200V Series

14.4V Li-Ion Packs
After Refill Capacity 195.36Wh
Lithium Ion Battery
FLB-200, FLB-200V Li-Ion Refill Price
FLB-200, FLB-200V Li-Ion Battery Refill $269 /each

If you need to refill five or more, call our sales manager at 909-268-8741.

We will email you shipping instructions with Prepaid-Postage-Label after we receive your order. If you have any questions, call us at 909-268-8741

Refilled Battery Purchase Price for
FLB-200 (Anton Style Mount)
$399 /each
Refilled Battery Purchase Price for
FLB-200V (V-Mount Style)
$399 /each
You don't need to send your battery. If you have any questions, call us at 909-268-8741

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